military and commercial rf tuning component parts RF Products, Inc.

1921: We began as Radio Condenser Corp. (RCC) in Camden, NJ.

  • Air variable capacitors, antenna couplers, Transmit modules, RF tuners, oscillators, cavity wavemeters, etc.
  • Military and commercial
Variable capacitors and tuners

You can't judge a book by its cover, but you can judge a company by its catalogs.

In these few pages, we show some of our catalog covers that span more than 60 years and bear witness to our 90+ year tradition of dedication to our craft and customers.

By 1953 Radio Condenser Company had grown to 4 plants making RF tuners for:

  • most of the radio manufacturers,
  • most of the home large cabinet radios,
  • most of the military radios,
  • new table top radios, portable radios, clock radios, and even FM.
  • over a third of all automobile radios including push-button and manual,
  • and the newest dynamic surge in the electronic industry – Television; both VHF and UHF.
RF tuning devices for military communications

In 1961 RCC was purchased by TRW:

  • Becomes part of TRW Electronic Components Division (7 plants across North America).
  • Camden becomes division headquarters.
  • Camden produces RF modules for many military radios including: ARC-27, ARC-34, ARC-50/90, PRC-25/77, VRC-12, WLR-6, SRC-27, SRC-31, SRC-503, WRR-2, SRR-19, etc.
developed first VHF and UHF tunable filters and multicouplers

In the early 1970's:

  • Solid state broadband amplifiers replaced vacuum tube amplifiers and increased interference problems.
  • TRW developed first VHF and UHF tunable filters & multicouplers to solve cosite interference & antenna population problems.
  • TRW won the contract to supply all UHF filters and multicouplers on the E-3 AWACS aircraft.
solving VHF and UHF cosite interference problems

In 1979 we are reborn as RF PRODUCTS,INC.

  • Camden facility & military tunable filter and multicoupler product line bought by TRW management team (General Manager, Financial Manager and Engineering Manager).
  • Specializes in solving VHF and UHF cosite interference and antenna population problems in military air, sea, and ground based platforms: qualified source for filters and multicouplers.
  • RF PRODUCTS wins NAVELEX contract to supply UHF multicouplers for USN fleetwide use.
Tunable Filters and Multicouplers for Military Use

1984: Continued Success in tunable Filters and Multicouplers for Military Use.

  • High Volume multi-year production for fleetwide use in US and many Navies worldwide.
  • High Volume multi-year production for VHF and UHF manually tuned multicouplers for USAF Rivet Switch Program.
he world’s most complete product line of tunable filters and multicouplers.

1986: The world's most complete product line of tunable filters and multicouplers.

  • More new aircraft and ships and upgraded existing platforms use RF PRODUCTS' Filters and Multicouplers.
  • E-8 Joint STARS aircraft and E-9 aircraft contracts won.
Improving overall RF performance

1992: We continue firmly established as a world leader in our filter and multicoupler product line.

Begin building active and passive functions into our multicoupler subsytem boxes:

  • Increasing package densities
  • Improving overall RF performance
  • Reducing overall size, weight and cost of RF distribution systems

2012: We've completed yet another evolution in our 90+ years long RF tuning tradition while keeping in step with advancements both in transceiver technologies and in military communications systems' mission requirements.

  • 90+ years of engineering know-how and RF Intellectual Property enable us to use the best of legacy and new technologies in RF tuning.
  • From tunable filters and multicouplers up through complete RF Distribution Systems, RF PRODUCTS arranges and combines radio transmit and receive signals for maximum effect.

90+ Years in the RF Tuning Business in Camden NJ.

30+ Years of Corporate Success as RF PRODUCTS, INC.

1 Tradition.

Our History…

In the 1920's: