RF Products News

February 24, 2015:

RF PRODUCTS exhibits at AVALON 2015 Airshow in Australia, and sponsors AFCEA in Australia. (read more)


December 01, 2014:

RF PRODUCTS announces contract for a complete VHF/UHF Multi-Mode, Multi-Band RF Distribution System for the Royal Australian Navy?s SEA 1442 Phase 4 Project, a total radio-to-antenna upgrade to 8 ANZAC Class Frigates ... (read more)


November 7, 2012: RF PRODUCTS goes live with new Multi-Mode, Multi-Band (M3B) RF Distribution (RFD) website.

RF PRODUCTS, in the military RF tuning business since 1921, has now firmly completed it's third metamorphosis. After more than 10 years of product line hardware improvement and expansion, and of RF distribution system design capability development, RF PRODUCTS' complete Multi-Mode, Multi-Band (M3B) RF Distribution Systems (RFD) have now been selected for both aircraft and ship applications.

RF PRODUCTS' first complete RFD order was 10+ years ago for aircraft. Additional aircraft RFD orders followed. RF PRODUCTS has the first and only RFD with an "ARC" Type Designation: the ARC-233. Now RF PRODUCTS' complete RFD has been selected for navy ships. RF PRODUCTS has the proven expertise to work with the Government and with the Platform Integrators to design the overall radio system based on a complete M3B RFD that includes all hardware needed between the radios and the antennas. RF PRODUCTS' capability includes computer modelling of the overall radio system performance.

RF PRODUCTS marks this achievement with a new website, especially now because all products and overall radio system design concepts are existing and proven which means low risk for the Governments and for Platform Integrators.